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Name Telephone Address Email
Avroy Shlain (Esme) 0836521986 \r
Avroy Shlain (Marzahne) 0829651999
Catharinas Hair & Beauty 0147721124
Nail Care 0761018401
Planet Nails Thabazimbi 0823552748 undefined
Salon Catharina's 0829253300
Salon Chantré Thabazimbi 0720982150
Salon Classic Touch 0832893617
Salon Eternal Youth 0734413788
Salon La Casa Bella Donna 0147722496
Salon Mickey 0147723474
Salon P'zaz Beauty & Hair 0147721205
Salon Pro Style 0147771412
Salon Select a Style 0147771700
Villa Crause Beauty 0834323999
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